*Strengthens weak muscles
*Increases Range of Motion
*Improves Posture and Flexibility
*Improves Blood Circulation
*Perspiration is minimized
*Trims inches

TONING TABLES TONING TABLES introduces a new method of exercising without exhaustion. Seven different Toning Tables that will firm, tone and reduce inches, easily and effortlessly. These tables combine the principles of physical and isometric exercises without adding muscle strain or fatigue. Each Toning Table incorporates progressive resistance coupled with high repetition movement, increasing the flow of oxygen to major muscle groups while flushing out fat-inducing waste. Reduce inches through high repetitions and minimal resistance causing muscles to contract, breaking down cellulite and allowing the body to dispose of it. You will not build muscle; and tables are not designed for weight loss. Three visits per week are recommended.

Wear Comfortable loose-fitting slacks and shirts or sweat suits with socks or booties. Please, NO blue jeans, belts or buckles.

"Seven Days Without Exercise Makes One Weak!"