THE WFC has a Cleveland Clinic certified trainer, Jennifer Andrews, on staff.

Jennifer loves to share her passion for health and fitness with others, and all WCF members have the opportunity to work with her to improve their results and heighten motivation.

The Cleveland Clinic teaches the science behind why we behave the way we do and helps you understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual basis of how behavior can be changed. It provides the tools needed to help clients get off the diet treadmill by educating them about the effects human behavior has on eating and exercising.

Circuit Exercise education teaches the basics of anatomy and physiology and how to use principles of strength and conditioning on the circuit. Also how Circuit Exercise can facilitate healthy change that can lead to a healthy and active lifestyle.

New members begin their experience at THE WFC with a Private Consultation. This consultation includes a complete assessment (exercise history, body composition and health history). Our certified personal trainer learns what changes need to be made to in order to help you attain your personal goals.

Using this information, a custom program is developed for you that is tailor-made to suit your fitness needs. Once your program is designed we teach you how to use the equipment properly and safely. From cardio and strength training routines to a 30-minute circuit workout, we'll customize a program that fits your lifestyle and needs.

"Seven Days Without Exercise Makes One Weak!"