Treat yourself to a relaxing massage by scheduling an appointment with our massage therapist.

Cindy was certified as a Massage Therapist in 1988 and has 28 years of experience. She worked with various chiropractors over a 10-year span, providing massage therapy for their whiplash victims. Cindy was also a licensed EMT for four years, and taught a "Basics of Massage" course at Green Country Technology Center. In 1998 she received her certification as an Equine (horse) and Dog Massage Therapist. Cindy is currently on staff at the Okmulgee YMCA, and employed by OSUIT in Okmulgee (17 years) as their monthly Massage Therapist. She is available by appointment at THE WFC on Wednesdays or Thursday afternoon. Call THE WFC at 918-319-5090 or stop by to schedule your appointment.

Brenda is a massage therapist and owner of Couples Touch of Love. She graduated from White River School of Massage in 1998 with a passion for changing people's lives through deep tissue massage. She believes that God created the body to heal itself; however, trauma to the muscle sometimes requires a helping hand to get the body in a place where healing can begin

Brenda is currently beginning a PhD program at Oxford Graduate School in Tennessee. She will be focusing her studies on integrating Christianity into society. She has a strong belief in the healing of people's mind, body, and soul through Jesus Christ.

Brenda loves to take walks, read, and is never without a cup of coffee. Her favorite color is purple, and she believes that a girl's feet need to both breathe and be adorned in fabulous shoes. Brenda lives with her husband, Steve, just outside of Prague, Oklahoma. Call THE WFC at 918-319-5090 or stop by to book an appointment with Brenda. She is available on Tuesdays.

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