Welcome to the WFC


THE WFC is a women's only fitness center - a clean, comfortable facility with fitness and exercise equipment tailored to women.

We offer:

1) Strength training with 13 stations of hydraulic resistance machines designed specifically for women, plus a stretch machine to complete the program;

2) Seven (7) Shape-Master toning tables, which improve flexibility and circulation and helps to lose inches;

3) A Total Gym 1500 and An Ultimate total Gym to give you a full body workout;

4) an Aero Pilates Machine and Malibu Pilates Chair to give you a workout, plus Yoga DVD's if you prefer a lower impact workout and more stretching;

THE WFC also maintains a library of fitness DVD'S to offer variety and complement your fitness routine.

Join us at THE WFC and let us help you reach your goals of a healthier body - a healthier you!