THE WFC offers a variety of fitness and exercise equipment. Our goal is for you to feel strong, confident, and beautiful when your workout is finished, and ensure that each visit to our facility is enjoyable.

THE WFC's main focus is all about health and fitness for women.

THE WFC believes it's never too early to get fit and develop healthy habits, and we would like to be a part of your daughter/granddaughter's education. Add your teen daughter/granddaughter to your membership until she graduates from high school.

THE WFC also offers massage therapy as an added benefit for its members to complement a fitness routine. Let our staff schedule an appointment for you!

THE WFC offers:

1) Strength training with 13 stations of hydraulic resistance machines designed specifically for women, plus a stretch machine to complete the program;

2) Seven (7) Shape-Master toning tables, which improve flexibility and circulation and helps to lose inches;

3) A Total Gym 1500 and An Ultimate total Gym to give you a full body workout;

4) an Aero Pilates Machine and Malibu Pilates Chair to give you a workout, plus Yoga DVD's if you prefer a lower impact workout and more stretching;

THE WFC also maintains an extensive library of fitness DVD'S to offer variety and complement your fitness routine.

At THE WFC our members enjoy an atmosphere that's comfortable, non-intimidating, and full of energy. They also enjoy stimulating music to keep them motivated, and DVD's to provide individual instruction.

Join us at THE WFC and let us help you reach your goals of a healthier body - a healthier you!

"Seven Days Without Exercise Makes One Weak!"